Category: 2011

  • Line drawn with a chalk line

    Drawing collaboration with Anna Ihle 

  • (~)

    Painted versions of water, made in scale 1:1 according the representational pictures that I collected from different contexts and purposes. Made in watercolor, approx 3×10 cm each).

  • När toppar faller (When Peaks are falling)

    När toppar faller (When Peaks are falling)

    A sculptural body with the size of a lying human, with a topographically paper landscape and drawings of vulcanic craters (like holes seen from above) inside of it. The sound piece, a whisper, gave a metaphoric connection to the feeling of lost. “It is hard to demand that everything should remain standing…” (in Swedish). The drawings was about…

  • Tiden efter morfar / Time Left after Grandpa

    Seven wathces left by grandpa when he died, the third of january 2011, 03.15. A life line seen through his reliance on time and abstract system. Only the last one that he had when he died was running, and it did so until exactly one month after the time of his death. Time is now…