Category: Works

  • To begin with a Stone and end up with a Planet

    “I regularly ask myself if it’s necessary to grasp theory as it originally was meant to be perceived, and if language based descriptions can become equivalent with any other result of reflection and sensemaking visual expression. Right now I have found the geology term Mass Movement, as a frame for me in this process. This…

  • Teckningsstipendiatutställning / Bror Hjorths Hus 2012

    Bror Hjorths Hus   “23,4 grader är den relation till vilket allting förhåller sig. I alla fall om man väljer att tänka på jordens axellutning som en enda stor gemensam nämnare   Att teckna är för mig just att förhålla sig till världen på detta både praktiska, visuella, intima och distanserade sätt samtidigt. Likaså att koncentrerat och…

  • HIROSHIMA 1945 (2012)

    Drawing of the explosion that blew the whole city Hiroshima away 1945, presented next to the printed version (the drawing is the upper one, and the paper higest up is the result of the controlled drawing act and the remains that flee the format of the paper).

  • Distansen / Siffra möter bokstav / 506 möjligheter för en sten / De extrema

    DISTANSEN The distanceA collection of distance calculations (to Lund from cities in Sweden), with focus on the disparity of the result between the two common ways of calculate distances (the highway and the crows flies). The birds were always winning.   SIFFRA MÖTER BOKSTAVDigit meet letterTexts where map coordinates describe different kind of meetings, according…

  • Line drawn with a chalk line

    Drawing collaboration with Anna Ihle 

  • (~)

    Painted versions of water, made in scale 1:1 according the representational pictures that I collected from different contexts and purposes. Made in watercolor, approx 3×10 cm each).

  • När toppar faller (When Peaks are falling)

    När toppar faller (When Peaks are falling)

    A sculptural body with the size of a lying human, with a topographically paper landscape and drawings of vulcanic craters (like holes seen from above) inside of it. The sound piece, a whisper, gave a metaphoric connection to the feeling of lost. “It is hard to demand that everything should remain standing…” (in Swedish). The drawings was about…

  • Tiden efter morfar / Time Left after Grandpa

    Seven wathces left by grandpa when he died, the third of january 2011, 03.15. A life line seen through his reliance on time and abstract system. Only the last one that he had when he died was running, and it did so until exactly one month after the time of his death. Time is now…

  • Eyjafjallajökull 2010

    Drawing installation from the NASA’s satellite photos of Eyjafjallajökull’s vulcano eruption at Island 2010 (paper size A2). Pictures of reality seen from earth, translated into drawings. Each paper/drawing represented a date from the documented process, and made their own systematic composition throughout the papers as a collection (seen from left to right). A duration just like a…