Category: 2010

  • Eyjafjallajökull 2010

    Drawing installation from the NASA’s satellite photos of Eyjafjallajökull’s vulcano eruption at Island 2010 (paper size A2). Pictures of reality seen from earth, translated into drawings. Each paper/drawing represented a date from the documented process, and made their own systematic composition throughout the papers as a collection (seen from left to right). A duration just like a…

  • Unfolding

    The outside becomes an inside, and the paper keeps the look of the history inside.    

  • If everything could be in reach

    Drawing of the very top of trees. Presented hanging from the roof in a position/height that was just enough to reach. Not more, not less.   If everything would be in reach, I would probably find myself as a dreamer.

  • Concepción 2010

    Concepción 2010

    When a city can move 3,04 m everything becomes relatively in a strange way. Suddenly the references changes position and a place turns into an other. The question whether it is the same place or a new one, and how to relate to it then, was things that resulted in this work; a text piece.…